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Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas engraving by HEBERT after BEAUCE

Through the initiative of the society of Friends of Alexandre Dumas, http://www.dumaspere.com, Dumas has joined Voltaire, Rousseau, Hugo, Zola and Malraux in the Panthéon.

The report by Société des Amis d'Alexandre Dumas (Click here)

With you, our childhood, our hours of reading, relished in secret, the emotion, the passion, the adventure, the flair, enter the Pantheon.

With you, we became d'Artagnan, Monte Cristo or Balsamo, riding the roads of France, wandering the fields of battle, visiting palaces and fortresses. With you, flaming torch in hand, we entered dim corridors, secret passages and underground tunnels. With you we dreamed, and dream still....

Jacques CHIRAC

President of the Republic