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Chapitre de maastricht 23 juin 2012

Le 23 Juin 2012 Deux nouveaux mousquetaires intronisés :


The Groot-Bijgarden (Belgium) Chapter

Musketeers from a number of European countries, including a delegation from the General Staff, met in Brussels on the 3rd and 4th of December for an historic event.

It was the inaugural Chapter of this Belgian Platoon, and for the first time in the history of the Company, it will be commanded by a woman, Judith VANCOILLIE, who was named Lieutenant, Head of Platoon.

To mark the occasion a terrific programme had been arranged by our Belgian friends, which began on the Friday by a Reception at the Brussels City Hall hosted by Judith VANCOILLIE and her Officers.

The 1st Chapter of the Europe Squadron

The 1st Chapter of the Europe Squadron took place n the 16th of October in the famous Gothic Room of the Brussels Town Hall, located in the wonderful and legendary Great Square, a World Mankind Heritage Site. The event was presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandre of Belgium.

Italy 2011 : Venice

Our dynamic Lieutenant-Captain Sandro PREDIERI is once more in action. The first Chapter of 2011 will officially take place in Venice on March 26th, 2011,

but a little bird has told me that things will be happening from the 24th....... Further information from the Italian Squadron.

The Maastricht Chapter

The Netherlands Squadron Chapter took place in the Chateau de Neercane on the 25th of June last.
The programme hereunder:

Saturday, June the 25th

Etretat 2011: The Anglo-Normand Squadron Chapter

The 11th Chapter of the Anglo-Normand Squadron of the Company of Musketeers of Armagnac was held in the Dormy House Hotel in Etretat.

At the end of the afternoon, just as the final arrangements had been made, a couple approached me to ask me what we were preparing for.

The Maastricht Chapter June 2011

Camille Oostwegel, Lieutenant-Captain, and Dirk Jacob Jansen, Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp, take great pleasure in announcing that the next Chapter of the Netherlands Squadron will take place on:

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
at The Château de Neercane

A great moment to look forward to, which will celebrated, to the day, on the 338th anniversary of the death of d'Artagnan! Details of the programme are available in the "Squadron News" link above.

The Anglo-Normandy Squadron

The next Chapter of the Anglo-Normandy Squadron will be held at 7pm on May 14th, 2011 at Dormy House in Etretat, Normandy

For all information concerning this Chapter please contact Gérard BREON at :

+33 (0)2 35 55 95 61 / +33 (0)6 82 91 68 30.

Places are limited. Subscription closes March 30th.

Chapitre exceptionnel chez Jérôme Delord : la Russie à l'honneur

Une délégation d'importateurs Russes était en visite en Gascogne à l'invitation des Armagnacs Delord.

Mardi 27 septembre s'est déroulé un chapitre exceptionnel dans l'intimité des vieux chais. Georges Bru, François Rivière et Pierre Taupiac représentaient la Compagnie et ont intronisé, dans un mélange de cultures Gasconne et Russe les ambassadeurs du plus important marché d'Armagnac à l'export.

La visite a été suivie par France 3. Vous pouvez voir le reportage ci-contre (cliquer sur la photo)

Etretat 2011 : le Chapitre de l'Escadron Anglo-Normand

Le 11eme chapitre de l'Escadron Anglo-Normand de la Compagnie des Mousquetaires d'Armagnac, vient de se terminer.


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