The recent 2010 Italian Chapter… Sicily

More information on the events organized by the Italian Squadron !

Following Casale di Montferrato and Rome, the Italian Squadron brought us to Palermo, headquarters of the Sicilian Platoon, and another event of the highest order.

On the 16th of October, 2010, 150 guests gathered for the 4th Chapter at the Chateau d'Utveggio, situated 346 metres up on a hillside overlooking Palermo, and home of the Centre for Advanced Socio-Economic Studies.

The evening began with a magnificent concert organized by the Académie Lyrique de Méditerranée, with a programme that included Puccini and Verdi. This was followed by an induction of distinction, which included oenologists and doctors, before the assembly was treated to a magnificent spread comprising many wonderful examples of the highest quality Sicilian gastronomic art.

Michel Auzié, Company foreign relations representative.