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Escadron Europe

A report on the 1st Chapter of the European Squadron

The first Chapter of the European Squadron took place on the 16th of October in the famous Gothic Room of the Brussels Town Hall, located in the wonderful and legendary Great Square, a World Mankind Heritage site. The event was presided by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandre of Belgium.

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Europe Squadron

The 1st Chapter of the Europe Squadron of the Company took place on the 16th of October, presided by Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandre of Belgium.

The ceremony was held in the Brussels Town Hall, that Musketeer Freddy Thielemans, The Burgomaster of Brussels, kindly allowed the Company to use.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the dynamic Louis Schmitz, Lieutenant-Captain of the New Squadron, and his wife, Musketeer Christine Beckers, and not forgetting Philippe Pirson, Mimi Renier and all the founding Musketeers, 100 guests were present at the official inauguration.

The Europe Squadron

The members of the Europe Squadron met in Brussels on January 23rd for an informal dinner offered by the organizers of the Brussels Motor Show, where the event was held.

The dinner was very well attended, and among the guests were Her Royal Highness Alexandre of Belgium and M. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister.